Senin, 27 Februari 2012


my name is Ayu Puspita Sari. nick, Ayu or tari. I am Indonesian.
I was born in South Sumatra, Palembang March, 23, 1989. I am 22  yearsold now.
my Father is a Purn of soldier and he has gone in 1 years ago n my mother is a teacher n she also boutique of moeslem n batik-owner. 

 this is my first sista, her name is Lina, she is a lecture in a private health of politechnic bengkulu. she is 26 years old n not married..

 n the end of my family is my little brother. he's 20 years old now. he is like advanture boy cause he has arround city of this countri Indonesia with his motorcycle. . hiihiihii.. :p
 I'm a moeslem and now i'm a student in state university of sriwijaya. Now I'm a boutique-owner of d'utari fashion n i want to make a large production. i love design grafis cuz i like learn n learn with fashion. hahaha, i live my fashion so much. Amiiin Allhumma.. :) cuz Allah always besides me n Allah give me  a powerfull energic to away my own. ckkckckk...

i love my family so much..

thank you dear blogger....

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